Shakespeare – 4

Thursday — August 8th, 2013

Shakespeare – 4

Welp, this is the end of my little Shakespeare stint. Again, it’s available from NERD Comics at Intervention!

News from the underground!

The Art of Visual Storytelling

So in order to improve my storytelling abilities, I started taking one of those Skillshare classes (the only time I’ve ever actually clicked on (and purchased!) from a FB ad) – The Art of Visual Storytelling. It was only $10, so I figured I could do with some lessons from a Disney Animator on how to effectively tell a story in a single image. For our first project I did a couple of images, and the instructor said he liked mine a close second (in a class of over 700 students)! Yay. His critique was encouraging. Anyhow, to show you that I’m not (yet) dead, here’s what I submitted:


And you can see more on my project’s submission page here, because I also did another image and some thumbnails.

Clever Girl

dude, shoot her.As a sort of break from the madcap daily schedule of tutorials tutorials rendering rendering modelling modelling tutorials tutorials that entails working on my portfolio, I decided to do one of Emma Coats‘ drawing exercises “Drawing from Film,” in which you take a film that you like and draw every single cut. She recommended Spielberg or any movie you know by heart, and the only Spielbergs I know near by heart are Jurassic Park and Last Crusade, so I chose JP since I haven’t seen it in a while. I know she recommends not doing too much detail, and I haven’t really, but I wanted to at least also try to get the mood of the actors or the scene as well. I’m also trying to kick my bad drawing habits, and hopefully over the film’s however-many-hundreds of cuts I’ll be able to: my need to erase everything a hundred times, my attention to details that don’t matter, my poor ability to draw hats. Jurassic Park has a lot of hats.

I’ve never studied film and I am horrible at noticing things like direction in films, nor do I want to go into such a field. However I think all art can tell a story and the storytelling aspects of each shot or composition is really helpful to see from such a master’s perspective. For example, take a look at the very first scene in Jurassic Park. Spielberg allows for several closeups of unimportant background characters (whom he largely ignores in the following four or five scenes) to underline the nervous apprehension of the people in the opening crowd, and to better juxtapose humanity versus nature. The raptor cage comes seemingly right out of the forest and he keeps the left side (humans, the cage, bright lights, technology) and the right side (raptor, wilderness, forest, violence) very well separated in the ensuing shots, even when the cage comes into the human territory and the characters should be all turned around – the humans still face towards the right and the raptor to the left.

Of course, maybe he didn’t mean all that, but it’s still fun to think about! Anyway, you can check out my sketches of the first 20 minutes of Jurassic Park here. A great activity while you’re waiting for scenes to render!

About finally updated!

It only took about three years and dozens of comments to spurn me to finally update it, but here it is, the new About page with a sparkly new cast!  There are still some folks missing from it but you know what I already spent way too much precious time updating it when I could be doing more important things like, I dunno, creating more awesome art!?

Anyway now you can click on each character and see all the comics they’re in.  You can actually do this with each new page that has a character, since the pages are all tagged, but I figured I would make it easier for you to stalk your favourite character.  Who knows, maybe one day I’ll actually make new wallpapers.

Bree’s Scotland

If you tire of all my own comics about Scotland, you can check out Bree’s comics on Scotland at Sex, Drugs, and June Cleaver. Here’s the first one about their first day here visiting me!

Hard at work

So I’ve been hard at work guys, and I know I warned y’all previously, but it’s really been crunch time for me this whole past month. Been working really hard on design and modelling and animation stuff, will hopefully have something good to share at the end of the semester. But a heads up that comics may lag behind, hopefully not soon but it might be inevitable!

Oh and on a break from work I took one of those gif memes that have been floating around and this one I hope will be really accurate:
“The tenth is how you will spend your last day on earth”